Children’s Health 兒童健康系列

The new Soria Natural child syrup family, together with Inmunoden Junior, elaborated with substances of vegetable origin, has been designed for the well-being of our children, helping to strengthen and enhance their organism.

Syrup characteristics: - 100% vegetable - no added sugar - very nice taste - formulated with fruit concentrates -highly digestible and healthy nutritional elements for the kids - containing vegetable glycerin to increase the solubility of the medicinal plants' active ingredients.


 產品特點:  -100% 天然草本植物和蔬菜 無添加糖 美味可口濃縮水果配方 提供小朋友所需的營養素,容易消化 - 以植物性甘油增加草本活性成分的溶解度


    Children’s Health 兒童健康系列

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